The Force Reclaimed

Session 0
Escaping Kuat Drive yard

kuat_drive_yards_by_wraithdt-d4v3o9m.jpg Our heroes were last seen leaving the planet after an explosion took place at the Durasteel factory. They knew that it was only a matter of time until the plane’t militia had locked down the planet for all traffic. The crew only made it as far as the space station when they were hailed on communications to cease their actions. The Chiss claimed that he was a representative of a rival company that was here on a secret mission to survey the situation and appraise the Durasteel factory. Even with well forged credentials, the Chiss was unable to convince the station’s commander that they were indeed there for that reason and were forced to land at the station via a tractor beam.

Meanwhile, the good force user had awoken from his sleep. Confused and dazed, he stumbled around in a dark room for a bit until the armored one opened up the door. He tried using the force to convince the armored one to let him go, but his attempts were soon greeted by the sound of a closing door as he was locked away once again. The armored one then went to help out the captain and the Chiss with their plan to be boarded. They needed to hide the Cragmoloid and soon discovered that she was missing. After a quick search of the ship, they had decided that the Cragmoloid had already done just that.

Meanwhile, in space not too far from the ship, the White assassin loomed not too far behind, ever so carefully watching the hero’s ship be pulled into the station. He decided that this was worth investigating and soon followed them into the station. There he found the boarding party and stood among the ranks of the station’s boarding crew, hoping to find out more about his bounty.

In the locked room in the container, the good force user had managed to free himself from his hand cuffs when the armored one came back. The force user used the force once again to convince the armored one that they were friends and that friends don’t tie up their friends. Being friendly, the armored one fell for the mind trick and unbound the force user. The armored one, caring so much for his new friend, decided to hide the force user in his secret compartment as it was vital that he not be seen. The force user was once again left in a locked room.

The crew was now getting ready for the boarding party. They moved the armored one’s canister up against the cargo bay doors, thus making the only entrance to the ship be the main ramp. The armored one soon got worried about his friend as they were approaching the station fast and went to go check back on him. He found out that the force user was trashing his room and decided to kick him out of his canister. The force user was greeted by the ship’s captain who, after screaming about the fees for riding the ship, had decided that since the force user is wanted everywhere, to stuff him in his smuggling compartment.

The ship was docked and the crew came out to greet the station’s captain. The Chiss explained that they were only slowing down their progress into a negotiation state between the companies but the station’s captain wasn’t playing along. The ship’s captain tried convincing the station’s captain that they were just regular people and that there was nothing to worry about. After two impressive lies, the ship’s captain tripped over his own tongue and things started to fall apart. The white one was among the ranks of the station’s captain when he spoke out against the armored one. The armored one was then arrested and sent to the interrogation room while the other two were sent to the detaining cell. For helping out the station’s captain, the white one was given permission to help search the ship, to which he accepted.

In the holding cell, the Chiss and the ship’s captain decided to pretend to fight so that the droids would come in and try to restrain them. Their plan worked and after just a few moments, the two had rifles and were on their way to the interrogation room to free the armored one. With a bit of resistance, they managed to free the armored one and head back towards the ship. The Chiss hooked up his data pad into the console so that the Cragmoloid could try and open up some more options but after 5 minutes of trying, the alarms were set off. They were greeted by the white one at this point who had turned against the people of the station in order to help the ship’s crew for some unknown reason. The 4 of them headed back to the ship to try and regroup.

Meanwhile, on the ship, the force user had enough waiting for one day and decided to take action into his own hands. He attacked the search party on the ship and took out most of the guards in the ship by himself all while the Cragmoloid was hiding in the cargo bay, screwing around with the communications of the ship and broadcasting loud noises.

The crew made it back to the ship and prepared for takeoff. They managed to capture a few of the guards and put them in a sleep until further notice. The Cragmoloid disabled the security by opening all of the doors, copying all of the stations data to the ship’s computer, erasing all of the incriminating data on the station’s records, disabled the tractor beam, and managed to capture 4 battle droids. The ship took off not too long after that and they headed away from the station to start their jump into hyperspace.

Will the ship’s hyperdrive make the jump, or will they be caught up in the fury which is the station’s defenses….?

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